About us

OUr guiding star is - Easy to use!

All our product development at Nordiceye is based on the assumption that everything can be made a little bit easyer.

This can refer to anything from purely mechanical solutions, software, transportation and so on, to perhaps the most important of all - everyday use. The design of our systems and the functions has been carefully tested by both designers and reference groups of visually impaird.

In short ... our visual aids quite simply have to be a little easyer to use!


Nordiceye, founded 1996, is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of systems for visually impaired people. Our main office is in Växjö in the southern part of Sweden. Among other innovations we made the first foldable and portable close up and distance camera for use at school -  Solo! Nordiceye was also first out with HD systems. Through subsidarys and distrbutors we are selling our systems wordwide. 

All our systems are manufactured and developed at our main office in Sweden. With the whole supply chain in the same buildning we can keep high quality and short delivery times. Development of new products is made in cooperation with booth endusers and professionals our goal is to lead the the development not folow. Nordiceye products is sold under the names Solo, Tempus, Contrast and Contrast School Split HD.