Video magnifiers


Nordiceye have a wide range of solutions for visually impaired people - at home, work and in school. You find our well known trademarks Solo, Contrast, Tempus and Contrast School Split HD in the menu to the left. We also offer other products you find them under accessories. 


Tempus (2)

Video magnifier for use at home. No complicated settings. Push the on button and you are ready to go.

Solo (8)

Portable reading and distance camera. You fold it together very easy and can transport it between classrooms, your home and friends.

Contrast (4)

There is a model of Contrast fo all! A video magnifier that fits booth in home, work and in school!

Contrast School Split HD (1)

Number #1 in the the world! That is the grade we sometimes get from professionals and users of our Contrast School Split HD!