Contrast School Split HD

Contrast School Split HD 41110015

With Contrast School Split HD you can split the picture between your reading camera, distance camera and computer.

Contrast Scool Split HD have a distance camera whisch makes it easy to follow all activities in the class room. You control the distance camera with a joystick.  

Alla buttons on the systems is in contrast colurs and tactile.

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Contrast Skol Split HD Complete have part no:  

It is a complete soloution with: Contrast reading camera, XY table, Distancecamera on pole, Joystick, Remote control, Monitorarm and a 22" Monitor.   

Technical facts

  • Magnification readingcamera 1,7 - 67x (20" Monitor)
  • Autofocus
  • False colours
  • Resolution 1920x1200
  • LED lighting
  • Supports VGA, DVi, HDMI
  • Weight 4,5 kg
  • Split image
  • Workingheight under reading camera 280 mm

Do you want to have your distace camera in the roof or on the wall?

Look at our accessories: Wallbracket and Roof bracket 

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