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Solo Computer have 20120013

A new level of portable low vision aids!
The New Solo from Nordiceye was the first high quality portable magnifier in the field!  With the New Solo Nordiceye is proud to take the portable reading and distance systems to a new level in the business!

Portable means low weight in the Nordiceye family!
Low weight is of extrem importance when it come to portable systems. And we are really pleased that the weight of the New Solo is only 0,95 kg! That makes the New Solo easy to carry between home, school and work. 

High End - of course - with Nordiceye you get the best there is! 
With superb picture quality the Solo can be powered from both USB 3 or USB 2. That means that the New Solo works out in the same way with both new and old computers. No battery to charge and no power supply to carry around and to connect. 
The picture quality on the New Solo is simply best in the class!  Full HD resolution and a framerate of 60 digital full frames /second ensures an image that is superb also in motion.

Less is more – simplicity is Nordiceye´s guiding star!
New Solo keeps its leading position when it comes to working space which alowes the user to use the camera for many different needs. 
To go from reading mode to distance mode is very fast with the New Solo. Just fold the camera head once! 
The New Solo is controlled by the wireless remote or by the keyboard on the computer. No wires or controlpanels are in the users way! 
The included software allows you to save pictures and movies. The software is also compatible to programs like Zoomtext and other similar products.

Try it and enjoy a truley portable system built with the user in mind!

  • Magnification                   2.0 - > 85x
  • Resolution monitor         1920 x 1080 (Full HD) 
  • Resolution computer      1280 x 720 (HD)
  • Free working height        280 mm
  • Split with computer         Yes. With USB
  • Weight                              0,95 kg
  • Voltage                             USB or Power supply 12 V
  • Operating system            Win7, Win8
  • Frame rate                       60 full digital frames /second
  • Connections                    USB 3, USB 2 and HDMI. 
  • Colour modes                 Natural colours, Positive/Negative and a wide range of Artificial colours

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