Tempus HD Computer

Tempus HD Computer

Part.no: 101122122 (Black with 22" monitor) . For other alternatives contact Nordiceye.

When developing the Tempus HD Computer we have given a great deal of thought to the user that spends a lot of time at home and who, even so, wishes to be active. The Tempus HD Computer is also really easy to install to your computer and use features as split screen with your PC or Mac.

Thanks to a really low reading table, it is particularly considerate for the body to work with. What is more, we have put a great deal of thought into vision ergonomics and high picture quality.

Technical facts

  • Weight (22" monitor) 14,5 kg
  • Magnificatio (22" monitor) 1,8-70x
  • Resolution 1280x720
  • Working height  220-330 mm
  • False colours
  • Reading line
  • Curtains

User guides