Welcome to Nordiceye support.

We are proud of the high quality level of our products and the support we offer our customers. Here you find helpful information as user guids, leaflets and software for download. If you have any further problems please contact your local Nordiceye dealer and they will help you with service and support.


Do you have problem with any of our systems or software contact us at 00 46 470 729888 or by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Nordiceye systems have a two year warranty. Warranty questions is answerd by our support team. We are aslo doing service and repairs on older systems contact us for price information.

Manuals, software and leafets

Check that the version of the software matches the serialnumber on your system.


0 - xxx  Contrast HD - Manual Download



0 - 100 IDEA CX - Contact us for support Not available
101 - xxx IDEA CX VIC - User guide Download



0 - 163 IDEA SCX - Contact us for support Not available
164 - xxx IDEA SCX VIC - User guide Download
  IDEA SCX VIC - User guide for distance camera Download



    Software PDF
  Solo Classic - Software version 2.2 Download  
  Solo Classic - Manual Download  
  Solo Classic - Software Mac Download  
  Solo Classic - Software win7/win8/win8.1 För ZT API 10.1 Download  
  Solo Classic - Software win10 Download  
  Solo (new) - Manual Download  
  Solo (new) – Software Win7/Win8/Win10 & ZoomText 10.1 from serial 5039 Download  
  Solo (new) – Software Win7/Win8/Win10 & ZoomText 10.1 SPEC KEYS from serial 5039 Download Instruction


0 - 200 IDEA Tempus - Contact us for support Not available
201 - xxx IDEA Tempus Manual Download
0 - xxx Tempus HD Manual Download